Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the seventh leg of Amazing Race 7

1. Rob (4) and Amber (2) - Once again the team to beat. This is the 3rd leg that they finished first on. They won a trip to Monte Carlo.
2. Ron (4) and Kelly (2) - This team may be self destructing. They are still near the top. They have finished first on 1 leg.
3. Uchenna (3) and Joyce (3) - This time they completed the roadblock incorrect. They didn't lose any positions due to the mistake.
4. Lynn (3) and Alex (3) - They gained one position due to Meredith and Gretchen's mistake of not picking up the clue. Alex did a very good job of driving the stick for the roadblock. They finished first on 1 leg.
5. Meredith (4) and Gretchen (2) - They forgot to pick up the clue from the roadblock and lost 1 position due to it. They have finished last on 1 leg and are traveling without their possessions.
6. Brian (3) and Greg (3) - It was courageous to try to go the rest of the race pretty much stripped. Unfortunately, they were eliminated tonight. They never finished first on any leg. I am going to miss them.
The other teams to finish first on a leg were Debbie and Bianca and Ray and Deana. They did it for one leg each.

These are the special route markers for this leg of the race.

Detour - Carry it/Milk it
Roadblock - Move logs
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg.
Fast Forward - There was no Fast Forward on this leg.

These are my general thoughts on this leg
Rob and Amber keep chugging along and now are back in first. There will probably be a Yield or a Fast Forward next week. I also think that next week will be non-elimination. It's sad that Brian and Greg are gone. Tonight there will be a recap on at 8/7c.
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