Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the eighth leg of Amazing Race 7

1. Rob (4) and Amber (3)- I was surprised that they were not yielded. They are a very strong team.
2. Ron (4) and Kelly (3) - They actually did get to the yield first but decided not to use it. It could hurt them later on.
3. Uchenna (4) and Joyce (3) - They kept going back between 3rd and 4th on this leg.
4. Lynn (3) and Alex (4) - They were quick with the boxes but lost ground on the tea task.
5. Meredith (4) and Gretchen (3) - They fall way behind on the box task and haven't recovered yet. Hopefully they get out of last.
Note: The positions are taken from the end of the seventh leg because of the partial leg this week. However the roadblocks include this week's also.

Special route markers for this leg of the race:

Yield - 2nd of 3 - The yield was not used.
Roadblock - Search boxes
Detour - Solid/Liquid
Fast Forward - There was no Fast Forward on this leg.

My thoughts on this leg
I was totally surprised that they would put a mat down at a non pit stop. The grandparents were given a standing ovation. It was nice of them but they are in a race. This leg will continue next week and I will note that in my comments.
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