Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the 9th leg of Amazing Race 7

1. Uchenna (5) and Joyce (3) - They are such a cool team, unfortunately, they got the wrong gnome. This is the second time they finished first on a leg. They have never finished last.
2. Meredith (5) and Gretchen (4) - This is the highest position they have obtained during the race. It took guts for Gretchen to do the roadblock. They also got the wrong gnome. They have never finished first. They have finished last on 1 leg.
3. Rob (5) and Amber (4) - I can't believe they didn't get on the earlier flight. They also got the wrong gnome. They have finished first on 3 legs. They have never finished last.
4. Ron (5) and Kelly (4) - They were ditched by Rob and Amber and are so dysfunctional. They finished last but still got the gnome prize. They got $20,000 to use on Travelocity and 12 hours at the 4 Seasons hotel to help pick their trips. They however have lost all their possessions and money and will receive no money for the next leg. They have finished first on 1 leg. They have finished last on 1 leg.

The other teams to have finished first are Lynn and Alex - 1 leg, Ray and Deana - 1 leg, and Debbie and Bianca - 1 leg

These are the special route markers for this leg of the race

Detour - Columns/Kilos
Roadblock - Storm the Fortress
Fast Forward - All the Fast Forwards were in prior legs.
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg of the race. There is 1 remaining.

These are my comments on this leg and the preview of the next leg
The gnome thing was interesting. It was weird the Ron and Kelly, the last place team, got the right gnome. I think that next week will be an elimination leg with a Yield involved. The roadblock looks very interesting. It looks like they get to drive a bus for it. I would have so done the climbing just to avoid the driving roadblock. I'm surprised though that they haven't had another eating roadblock. There are only 2 more episodes left.
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