Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the tenth leg of Amazing Race 7

1. Rob (6) and Amber (4) - I think that it is a mistake on their part to have yielded Ron and Kelly. If I were them I would have yielded Uchenna and Joyce. Amber has to do the 2 remaining roadblocks. They have finished first for the 4th time. They have never finished last.
2. Ron (5) and Kelly (5) - They are still the most dysfunctional team that is left. They each have 1 roadblock to do. They have finished first on 1 leg. They have finished last once.
3. Uchenna (5) and Joyce (4) - I think that they are the most likely team to win other than Rob and Amber. Joyce has to do at least 1 of the roadblocks. They have finished first on 2 legs. They have never finished last.
4. Meredith (6) and Gretchen (4) - They were eliminated. They have never finished first. They had finished last on 1 other leg.

The other teams to finish first were Debbie and Bianca (1 leg), Ray and Deana (1 leg) and Lynn and Alex (1 leg)

These were the special route markers on this leg of the race.

Detour - Brains/Brawn
Yield - 3rd of 3 - Rob and Amber yielded Ron and Kelly.
Roadblock - Drive a Bus
Fast Forward - All the Fast Forwards were on prior legs.

These are my general comments on this leg and on the preview of the next legs.
I think that Rob and Amber made a mistake by yielding Ron and Kelly. I really don't think that they are that strong of a team because they constantly arguing. Next weeks episode is going to be interesting. The first leg will be non-elimination with the finish line after that. They always got to have a cop got involved in it. It's interesting that Rob and Amber are having the run-in.
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