Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

First Leg Amazing Race 8

1 - The Godlewski Family - Michelle(0), Sharon(0), Christine(0), Tricia(0) - Never has an all female team won the Amazing Race, this team though seems strong. For finishing first, they won a cash prize of $20,000 for total prizes of $20,000.

2 - The Gaghan Family - Tammy(0), Bill(0), Billy(0), Carissa(0) - For a team with kids, they have done really well. I personally thought they would be near the bottom. Billy though fell asleep in the car. I just hope it don't happen at a bad time.

3 - The Weaver Family - Linda(0), Rebecca(0), Rachel(0), Rolly(0) - They lost in a footrace to the Gaghan family, but are definitely a strong team.

4 - The Rogers Family - Denny(0), Renee(0), Brittney(0), Brock(0) - I don't know what to think of this team as of yet.

5 - The Schroeder Family - Mark(0), Char(0), Stassi(0), Hunter(0) - I hope this team goes far. They were definitely hit by Hurricane Katrina after they ran their race.

6 - The Paolo Family - Marion(0), Tony(0), DJ(0), Brian(0) - I so want them to lose, they are already irritating me and this is only the first leg.

7 - The Bransen Family - Walter(0), Elizabeth(0), Lauren(0), Lindsay(0) - I don't know what to think of this team as of yet.

8 - The Aiello Family - Tony(0), Kevin(0), Matt(0), David(0) - This is the all male team in the race. I think they can still move up.

9 - The Linz Family - Nick(0), Alex(0), Megan(0), Tommy(0) - I'm sort of of surprised they are near the bottom.

10 - The Black Family - Reggie(0), Kimberly(0), Kenneth(0), Austin(0) - My worst fear was realized. One of the teams with little kids has been eliminated. Though I wish it were the Paolo family that was eliminated.

Detour - Build It/Buggy It
Roadblock - There was no Roadblock on this leg
Fast Forward - There was no Fast Forward on this leg
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg

It was definitely a very interesting start to this race. Instead of flying halfway around the world to end the first leg. They end up driving the whole leg and end up in Pennsylvania. One of the teams was commenting about the spray painting on the buildings. I figure that they will be driving until there are 5 or 6 teams left. This season the producers pay for the gas in addition to airline tickets. And didn't I mention that I want the Paolos gone. They are way too irritating
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