Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

Second Leg Amazing Race 8

1 - The Weaver Family - Linda(0), Rebecca(1), Rachel(0), Rolly(0) - They are definitely a strong team in the race. They moved up 2 positions from last time. For winning the leg, the won a trip to Bermuda which is their current total.

2 - The Linz Family - Nick(1), Alex(0), Megan(0), Tommy(0) - This is more where I have expected them. They moved 7 positions in this leg.

3 - The Godlewski Family - Michelle(0), Sharon(1), Christine(0), Tricia(0) - They are still a strong team. They just lost a couple of footraces which is good for them. They dropped 2 positions on this leg. They have total prizes of $20,000.

4 - The Schroeder Family - Mark(1), Char(0), Stassi(0), Hunter(0) - They did a good solid job on this leg. They moved up 1 position on this leg.

5 - The Aiello Family - Tony(0), Kevin(0), Matt(0), David(1) - They apparently did move up. They moved up 3 positions on this leg.

6 - The Bransen Family - Walter(1), Elizabeth(0), Lauren(0), Lindsay(0) - Walter could hamper this team's standings. But as long as they don't make mistakes, I think that they can make it far. They moved up 1 position

7 - The Gaghan Family - Tammy(1), Bill(0), Billy(0), Carissa(0) - They had problems finding the right reflecting pool. That is why they ended up dropping 5 positions.

8 - The Paolo Family - Marion(0), Tony(0), DJ(1), Brian(0) - They are just as irritating this leg as last and self destructed on their way to Virginia over finding a gas station. They dropped 2 positions in this leg even though they were 2nd at the roadblock.

9 - The Rogers Family - Denny(0), Renee(0), Brittney(1), Brock(0) - Their undoing was not reading the clue correctly. They dropped 5 positions into last place and they were eliminated.

Roadblock - Find the Spy
Detour - Heat of the Battle/Heat of the Night
Fast Forward - There was no Fast Forward on this leg
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg

The spy game turned out to be very funny. The teams got every response from "the sea is green" to "I don't know what you're talking about", "Sorry", and "Yes it is". Though admittedly I would have probably something weird if I were one of the non-spies. The Paolo family still irritates me. I hope they self destruct soon on an elimination leg of course. Having watched 8 seasons of the Amazing Race, I have one piece of advice for the teams. READ THE CLUE CORRECTLY. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO SO. Next week, it looks like they are either going to Alabama or Florida with the space thing as one of their stunts.
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