Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

Third Leg Amazing Race 8

1 - The Bransen Family - Walter(1), Elizabeth(1), Lauren(0), Lindsay(1) - They made strides in this leg. They moved up 5 positions. Their prize for this leg is free BP gas for life. That is their current total of prizes.

2 - The Linz Family - Nick(1), Alex(1), Megan(0), Tommy(1) - Again, they did real well. They just couldn't break into 1st. Their position stayed the same in this leg.

3 - The Schroeder Family - Mark(2), Char(0), Stassi(1), Hunter(0) - They did a good solid job on this leg. They moved up 1 position on this leg.

4 - The Godlewski Family - Michelle(1), Sharon(1), Christine(1), Tricia(0) - They are still a strong team. They just lost a couple of footraces which is good for them. They dropped 1 position on this leg. They have total prizes of $20,000.

5 - The Weaver Family - Linda(0), Rebecca(2), Rachel(0), Rolly(1) - They can get very emotional. I'm concerned for this team in next weeks leg because of the speedway task. They dropped 4 positions in this leg. Their current total of prizes a trip to Bermuda.

6 - The Paolo Family - Marion(0), Tony(1), DJ(1), Brian(1) - They are still irritating. They didn't self destruct though as planned. They just skated by. They actually gained 2 positions in this leg.

7 - The Gaghan Family - Tammy(1), Bill(1), Billy(1), Carissa(0) - They didn't really have too many problems this leg except remnants from last leg. Their position stayed the same.

8 - The Aiello Family - Tony(0), Kevin(0), Matt(1), David(2) - The detour was their undoing. They dropped 3 positions on this leg and were eliminated.

Detour - Forrest Gump/Muddy Waters
Roadblock - Centrifuge (2 person)
Fast Forward - There was no Fast Forward on this leg
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg

The muddy waters detour option seemed to be a problem for many teams, though the Gaghans did'nt have too many problems with it. It took the Aiellos 14 tries to succeed and the Weavers quit and did the shrimp head popping. The centrifuge was cool and was the first 2 person roadblock in AR history. Mark from the Schroeder family, Rebecca from the Weaver family, and David from the Aiello family have already done two roadblocks, though David is out now. It concerns me when 1 person does all the roadblocks, especially because of the rules in 2 person races. Next week promises to be interesting. There is a task at if I remember right, its either Talledega or Daytona. I'm thinking that it will be the roadblock for this leg. It will be interesting, to see how the Weavers do on it.
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