Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the rest of the eighth leg of Amazing Race 7

1. Uchenna (4) and Joyce (3) - They so rock. Uchenna is very supportive of Joyce and Joyce was willing to get her head shaved for the betterment of the team. They are one of the teams that I hope wins this. This is the first time that they finished first.
2. Ron (4) and Kelly (4) - For a team that is always near the top, they are so dysfunctional. Next week it gets worse. They have finished first on 1 leg.
3. Rob (4) and Amber (4) - I am hoping that they are up there in the top. They do work well together. They have finished first on 3 legs.
4. Meredith (5) and Gretchen (3) - I am glad that they made it this far. It would be fun with them in the top 3. They are the only team left that has not finished first on any leg. They finished last on 1 leg, but it was non-elimination.
5. Lynn (4) and Alex (4) - It is sad to see them go. However they made a wrong turn near the end and they got eliminated. They finished first on 1 leg.
The other teams that finished first were Debbie and Bianca for 1 leg and Ray and Deana for 1 leg.

These are the special route markers for this leg of the race

Fast Forward - 2nd of 2 - Shave heads - Uchenna (bald already) and Joyce
Detour - Trunk/Dunk
Roadblock - Race Camel Carts
Yield - There was no Yield on this leg of the race.

These are my comments on this leg of the race
Uchenna and Joyce are so supportive of each other. Rob and Amber are very competitive. Kelly gets worse next week with her commitment speech. I am so hoping that they are eliminated next week. There is still one more yield left in the race. I am thinking that this next week will be non-elimination though.
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I thought there were only two Yields, and they were all used up?

I think Joyce is awesome now and Uchenna is absolutely adorable.
I still love Rob & Amber.
I cannot believe the comment Kelly makes in next week's episode. Oh My Lanta.
And Meredith and Gretchen are starting to annoy me a tad bit.
That comment was just wrong
I think Gretchen is hilarious!!! I love her reactions to everything. What I don't understand is...why did she think she had to ride that elephant?? I think Rob & Amber becoming an alliance with Kelly & Ron was a stupid move on their part. Kelly & Ron seem to just be following them around, and they can go much faster without them. I definitely want to see it come down to either Rob & Amber or Uchenna & Joyce. Those are my favorites!!
:( I loved Lynn and Alex.