Nicholas Coyle (casinoemp) wrote in amazing_race_8,
Nicholas Coyle

My thoughts on the eleventh and twelth legs of Amazing Race 7

1. Ron (5) and Kelly (6) - They were still being dysfunctional, but they had the only cab that didn't get delayed. Ron will have to do the next roadblock. This is the second time that they finished first. They finished last on 1 leg.
2. Rob (6) and Amber (5) - Amber had to do this roadblock because Rob had already done 6 roadblocks. Amber will also be doing the next roadblock. Their cab got delayed by the cops. They had finished first 4 times. They hadn't finished last.
3. Uchenna (5) and Joyce (5) - Their cab was delayed by a flat tire which made them finish last. Either person can do the last roadblock because they completed a Fast Forward. They have finished first 2 times. This is the first time they finished last.

These are the special route markers for this leg of the race

Roadblock - Dance the Limbo
Detour - Raft It/Build It
Fast Forward - All of them were in prior legs
Yield - All of them were in prior legs

1. Uchenna (6) and Joyce (5) - After all the begging that they did during this leg, they still made it. Uchenna chose to do the roadblock. This is the third leg that they finished first in. They finished last once.
2. Rob (6) and Amber (6) - They fell short because they couldn't find the cigar shop. Amber had to do the roadblock because Rob had done his. They finished first on four legs. They are the only team not to finish last on any leg for this season. That is much, much better than the previous reality show contestants on the show, Allison and Donny who finished in 10th place.
3. Ron (6) and Kelly (6) - Unfortunately for them they got behind at the end, and got on the later flight out of Puerto Rico. Ron had to do the last roadblock because Kelly had done all her roadblocks. They finished first on 2 legs. They finished last on 2 legs.

The other teams that finished first were Ray and Deana for 1 leg, Lynn and Alex for 1 leg, and Debbie and Bianca for 1 leg.

These are the special route markers for the final leg of the race

Detour - Pony Up/Tee It Up
Roadblock - Jump Off Bridge

These are my comments on both these legs and the entire season.
This has been one of the most Amazing Races that I have seen. I did want to see Rob and Amber win, but Uchenna and Joyce's story is so touching. I definitely agree that they need the money more, but Rob and Amber are such awesome competitors. They are definitely much better competitors than Allison and Donny. Amazing Race 8 will start filming in June and probably air starting in September. I am so stoked that the applications are up for Amazing Race 9. Wish me luck because I am applying for it. Filming starts in October for the 9th one and should air in the winter/spring.
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